Design and Material of Running Belt Area of Running Machine

Time:2012-09-18 05:21:14

In the article "Understanding the power system of treadmill purchase", the author talks about the understanding of motor in treadmill purchase. Secondly, the most important thing is the design of running area of treadmill, that is, running belt, running board and shock absorber system. The quality of material directly affects the experience of fitness workers. Some users mainly require low noise and high smoothness, which is not easy to break, while some users hope that running can play a good shock absorption effect, and think that this treadmill can run more comfortably. Daiyu series treadmill running board area uses double-layer bakelite prewaxed running board, using three groups of shock absorber pad system, running belt is made of PVC + polyester fiber + cotton yarn material, with ten advantages, high strength, no warping, no yarn, no snake, wear resistance, cold resistance, super silence, no elongation, no deformation, life is two times stronger than the general running belt. And Daiyu series treadmills now use big pads, which not only can prevent skid, but also make the treadmill run more comfortable and less noisy. In addition, the size of the treadmill running area varies, depending on whether the machine is for fast walkers, joggers or fast runners. Generally, the running bandwidth ranges from 39 cm to 56 cm, while the length ranges from 105 cm to 153 cm. In most cases, you want to stay away from the 39cm running belt. Such belts are extremely narrow and provide little room for movement. Fast walking, 43 cm wide running belt is enough, but 45 cm-48 cm is a better choice. If you want to jog or run fast, you absolutely need more than 50 cm running belt. Some users do not understand why the choice of treadmill needs to be based on the user's height. After reading the following, you will understand why the choice of treadmill needs to know the user's height. Running belt selection guide: the width of the choice for fast walking is absolutely sufficient, depending on your height. If you plan to go jogging, we recommend at least 140 cm in length. If you are tall (more than 180 cm) or like to run fast or stride, you should choose a treadmill with a belt area length of at least 147 cm.