PM Value Should Be Noticed in Outdoor Running

Time:2013-03-28 08:22:52

In March, PM2.5 burst tables appeared in many places. Xining and some parts of Wuhan reached an astonishing 500, which was attacked by dust and sand. Do you dare to run? Spring has already arrived, let us feel the warmth of the sun, although recently a bit unusual, many friends will choose to exercise outdoors, morning running is a good choice, can breathe fresh air, but this year many places yellow sand overflowing, to our respiratory system and human body has brought great harm. Especially in the process of morning running, a lot of air needs to be inhaled. If the air quality is not good, it will probably achieve the opposite effect and damage the human system. Therefore, when choosing morning running, we should observe the PM value of the day by mobile phone, and decide whether to run in the morning or not. In the case of serious air pollution, choosing indoor treadmill exercise is a good choice, and the same effect can be achieved. When air quality is level III, it's better to cancel outdoor exercise. Wang Yusi said that many factors should be taken into account in air quality. At present, besides PM2.5, there are nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and PM10 in air quality testing. When the general air pollution index is close to 150, the air quality level is III. The health status of the elderly, children and other people who are more sensitive to the environment will be affected in this kind of air. Once the air pollution index exceeds 150, the air quality will be the worse type in Grade III. People generally feel uncomfortable. It is better for citizens to postpone or cancel going out for exercise. Deep breathing during exercise will inhale more PM2.5. Running suggests avoiding the highest concentration of PM2.5 in foggy days. Wang Yusi said that in foggy days, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and metal and organic compounds attached to the surface, especially PM2.5, are often dissolved in water vapor condensates suspended near the ground and low altitude. The highest concentration of PM2.5 was basically fixed in two periods. One is at eight or nine in the morning and the other is at eight in the evening. When the concentration is low during the day, it is from 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock in the afternoon. If you want to go out for exercise, two hours at noon is the best time. For some daytime workers, there is no way to exercise at noon or later in the evening, such as going out after 10 o'clock. On windy days, attention should be paid to adjusting the rhythm of running. Wang Liming said that when running in windy days, especially in the headwind, the burden of the respiratory system increased. On windy days, dust and bacteria may be present in the inhaled air. These conditions can cause coughing, digestive system disease attacks or bifurcations. Breathing through the nose can reduce the absorption of dust in the air, but running on windy days requires more oxygen consumption. So at this time, you should adjust your running rhythm according to the situation. Slowing down your running speed is even more helpful than adjusting your breathing style. Slow down the running speed properly and adjust the breathing mode, mainly nasal breathing. When the breathing muscles feel tired, they can open their mouth slightly to cooperate with breathing, allowing air to enter and exit between the lips and teeth to ensure the depth of breathing. Through these ways, you can adjust your running rhythm when the wind is strong.