Which type of aerobic fitness equipment really suits you?

Time:2012-09-18 05:21:14

Urban life rhythm is too fast, weather and climate change are various, many people choose to exercise venues indoors, for most office white-collar workers, work brings more pressure and tension. It is undoubtedly a good way to vent and relax when you are at home or in the gym after work and sweat freely on aerobic equipment. In fact, most of the aerobic devices that can be seen in the market are designed for a certain part of the body or a certain training method. They have their own advantages and limitations. Fitness-builders can choose according to their own fitness purposes and understand the characteristics of the functions of various equipment, in order to give full play to the advantages of equipment for effective exercise. Below is a brief comparison of the five common aerobic devices, from which you can see their respective characteristics, advantages and limitations. In this way, you can choose according to your fitness needs, in order to be able to exercise targeted. Strength of treadmill: Running is the most basic human movement, treadmill sports can make the body achieve a comprehensive training effect. Limitations: Running has certain pressure on the joints, and people with knee and hip injuries or elderly people have certain risks. Noise is bigger; subjective fatigue is stronger in exercise. Summary: There are some dangerous advantages of dynamic bicycle: it can effectively help the body burn heat; ankle pressure is smaller than treadmill, so it has higher safety; compared with other aerobic devices, fixed bicycle occupies less space; leg plastic effect is better. Limitations: Training methods are single; upper limbs do not participate in any exercise. Summary: Single form, easy to form a sense of boredom advantages of mountain climbing machine: can effectively help the body burn heat; for thighs and buttocks have a good plastic effect. Limitations: Exercisers need to master the rhythm of footsteps and adjust resistance, otherwise they will increase the pressure on the lower back and cause muscle damage. During the exercise, the upper limbs did not participate in any exercise. Summary: It has the advantage of upper limb limited rowing device: it can make the muscles of the whole body get good exercise; it is interesting. Limitations: Familiarity with and mastery of correct skills takes time; poor resistance regulation can easily lead to muscle strain. Pay attention to the need to stop exercise in training to adjust resistance. Compared with other aerobic instruments, it covers a larger area. Summary: Skills are not easy to grasp the advantages of elliptical machine: walking, step climbing, bicycle and skiing are combined together. Can exercise the coordination of upper and lower limbs. In practice, the pressure on the joints is low, which is a suitable exercise instrument for all ages. The noise is low. Limitations: For the angle and mode of lower limb movement, there are certain limitations. Summary: Limitations of lower extremities