Acodor Spring Barbecue

Time:2013-04-10 08:25:28

For a period of time, the company's employees did not have activities together, just in the Qingming holidays, we organized the Panlong Valley barbecue of the Ecuador family. We hope that you can enjoy the joy of life and the warmth and warmth of the family while you are away from work. On the day before Qingming, we had prepared materials, but some were worried about the weather of Qingming. Sure enough, on the morning of Qingming, the sky was grey and some were worried, but they could not restrain the enthusiasm of colleagues for spring outing and barbecue. By the time we reached our destination, the sky had cleared up. In addition, the green mountains and rivers of Panlong Valley inevitably arouse excitement. All the way we talked, laughed, and carried kitchen utensils and dry food to the barbecue center. We came a little later. Other tourists had already been roasting in the heat. Seeing their chicken legs, roasted wings, appetite seemed to increase dramatically. Soon everybody will be busy, everybody will never be ambiguous before eating, lighting fire, brushing oil, barbecuing, and working together in a team, they will not succeed in eating. In this process, their expressions are quite rich. There is a lot of food, almost everyone is full, after eating and drinking, of course, digestion, so we walk around the lake in groups of three or five, enjoy the endless pleasure brought by the natural scenery. In addition to our usual work, we use the Aikodo treadmill to give ourselves proper exercise. This is a difficult activity, but also a team together. When the sky is beautiful, my colleagues are especially happy. The picture above proves that.