Sleep late and get up early in spring

Time:2013-04-01 08:22:24

Human health is inseparable from conforming to the laws of nature. Huangdi Neijing has a health preserving principle of "nourishing yang in spring and summer, nourishing Yin in autumn and winter". It has long played an important role in people's health preservation, disease prevention and anti aging. "Spring comes, get up early and go to bed late." It's about sleeping less in spring. In winter, we advocate "sunrise, sunset and rest", "sleep early and get up late, wait for the sun", and sleep together with the sun, napping and sleeping in order to nourish yin. Spring is the season for all things to recover, and also the season for human body to generate Yang Qi. It requires people to obey the natural law of spring rising and summer growing, and pay more attention to maintaining Yang Qi in spring and summer. Yang Qi, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, is the motive force for the functional activities of organs and tissues of the viscera. Therefore, Yangyang is the most important health preservation in spring and summer. In spring and summer, everything in nature recovers and plants grow vigorously. Accordingly, people's living conditions should be adjusted accordingly. Get up early in the morning, can't lie in bed as in winter, "sleep early at night", it is better to get up at about 6 or 7 o'clock, and go to bed at about 11 o'clock in the evening. If it violates the law of natural growth, staying up late at night and sleeping until noon, it will cause great damage to Yang Qi. The results of Yang Qi damage are mainly manifested as deficiency of Qi, which is easy to fatigue. Usually, people don't like sports. Once they exercise, they sweat like rain. In serious cases, they will be dizzy and susceptible to colds. In severe cases, the nervous system will be disordered, and the rules of excitation and rest will be reversed, which will affect the health of the brain. Therefore, we should remind people to pay attention to the time of work and rest in spring, to go to bed late and get up early.