Doctor reminds us that public fitness equipment should be prevented from infectious diseases in summer.

Time:2012-08-31 03:25:11

With the development of national fitness campaign, many parks, squares and residential areas have set up public fitness equipment called "national fitness path". In this regard, Wang Ping, president and chief physician of Fukang Hospital of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, reminded us not to forget hygiene in summer exercise and to prevent infectious diseases through fitness equipment. Wang Ping said that because of the lack of regular cleaning and disinfection of most fitness equipment installed in the open air environment, and the fact that these fitness equipment has to deal with many people every day, a large number of bacteria and microorganisms may be contaminated on the surface of fitness equipment through human skin. Especially in summer, some exercisers often use sweaty hands to grasp fitness equipment, and some even spit saliva in their hands to increase friction before fitness. These habits may turn fitness equipment into an intermediate channel for germs to stay and spread. Wang Ping said that in summer, the weather is hot, the bacteria are more active than other seasons, and acute conjunctivitis, bacillary dysentery and skin diseases are more easily spread. So fitness can take a few wet paper towels with you. Before using public fitness equipment, wipe the arm and other parts of the fitness equipment, wipe hands and arms after fitness, wash hands carefully after each exercise, and do not wipe eyes, mouth or eat directly with hands before washing hands. (Li Fu, Zhongyu)