Weight loss on six treadmills burns calories easily

Time:2014-03-22 12:00:00

How it works: 30 seconds for each exercise and 30 to 60 seconds for rest. Beginners in a group, middle practitioners in 2? Three sets, as well as three to four sets of advanced individuals. For started treadmill exercises, start at speeds of 0.1 to 0.2 kilometers per hour to ensure proper form. I recommend that you do this with your partner to ensure safety. For other exercises, close the running machine and use your own strength to move the belt. 1. Tortoise walk: At the beginning, put your hands on both sides of the treadmill to make a standing position with shoulder line. Position feet apart buttocks the same width, toes hard on the floor. (Your body forms a straight line from shoulder to buttock.) Core support, slowly put your hands on the treadmill belt as you start walking them forward. 2. Crab Climbing: Return to the treadmill and separate the hip and foot with the same width, and make a squat about 12 cm behind the treadmill belt. Put your hand on the outside of the belt. Support the core and extend the buttocks to the ceiling to form a straight line with shoulders and buttocks. Slowly put one hand on a time conveyor belt and start walking forward. 3. Return bow: Increase the inclination of treadmill to 3.0 and 5.0 degrees, increase the speed up to 3.0 kilometers per hour, according to the current fitness level. Put your hand on the arm and start walking. The core supports and drives the right knee upward toward the navel, then tramples the right foot down, the lower buttocks, until the right knee forms a 90 degree angle, you are in a bow step. Stand up, kick the left leg back to hip height, and then push the left knee upward into the body, just like you do the right bow position. Keep both sides of the switch to keep the swing leg straight as it moves behind the body. 4. Horizontal squat slider: Start walking on the treadmill, right side to the front of the machine. Place your hands on your hips while keeping your lower back arched naturally. Brace's core and out side (towards the front of the machine) and right foot. At the same time, lower the buttocks until the knees are almost 90 degrees angled. Back to the starting position in the opposite direction, and quickly pull the left leg in the buttocks. Continue for 30 seconds, then change sides.