Repair and maintenance of treadmill

Time:2013-04-12 04:11:46

Maintenance and maintenance 1. Clean and clean treadmill, must first cut off the power supply, wipe the running board, running belt and external surface with soft, slightly damp old cotton cloth, do not use chemical fibers, silk and other rags, in order to prevent static electricity from endangering electronic watches, do not use solvent to clean running board and running belt, solvent will reduce the lubrication between running board and running belt. 2. Running belt offset A product is qualified when it leaves the factory. Because of the phenomenon of running belt offset during transportation or use, it can be debugged by the wrench with random belt, and the screw can be rotated no more than 1/4 times each time. B If the running belt is biased to the left, turn the left screw clockwise (tension) or turn the right screw counterclockwise (relaxation). C. If the running belt is biased to the right, turn the right screw clockwise (tension) or turn the left screw counterclockwise (relaxation). After using the D treadmill for a period of time, the running belt may be slightly elongated and there will be a short pause. In this case, as long as the synchronous rotation of the screw in clockwise direction for 1/4 turns. If necessary, it can be repeated. (Note: Too tight running belt will shorten the life of running belt and may cause other parts to lose.) 3. In order to have ideal running performance and reduce friction between running board and running belt, it is necessary to use special lubricant for running belt, which is distributed randomly. Generally, it takes 4-6 months to run at the speed of 1.0KM/H after finishing, and tap the running belt from left to right to make it absorbed evenly by running belt.