Recognition of the Audio-visual System for Choosing and Purchasing Running Machines

Time:2012-09-18 05:21:14

The main function of the audiovisual system of treadmill is to facilitate users to observe the use of the treadmill, the movement index, the state of the treadmill and the design of entertainment function in the process of sports. Visual is only about the design of the display panel of the treadmill. At present, the main display panels of the mainstream treadmill are LCD (liquid crystal display screen) or LED (light emitting diode). Displays come in all shapes and sizes. Some low-end treadmills use LCD screens instead of backlit display screens, so that in low-light environments, users can not see the values above the display panel during exercise. LCD LCD displays usually have only one window, displaying multiple readings, while many LED displays have multiple windows. Middle and high-end treadmills use blue and green backlight technology, which can display many parameters in a larger window. Generally, the font is black or white, the light intensity is strong, and the reading is easy. Users can clearly read the movement parameters from any angle. On high-end commercial and light commercial treadmills, some manufacturers will also combine color touch screen technology with treadmills. Users can control treadmills or watch TV movies through color screen. Therefore, different grades of treadmills generally use different display screens, according to the order from low to high: LCD - LED - blue backlight screen - Green backlight screen - color touch screen.