How to choose brand treadmills with high safety factor

Time:2013-03-23 08:29:47

How to choose a brand treadmill with high safety factor has been reported by many media before. There are many unqualified treadmills on the market, which have caused great potential safety hazards to the fitness consumers. Therefore, when choosing a treadmill, we must be careful. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction on how to choose a treadmill with high safety factor for physical exercise. First, the overall consideration of safety, whether the treadmill bracket is strong, pulley when solid, rubbing belt, the solid degree of safety handrails and so on, while most treadmills will be equipped with emergency safety functions. For example, the emergency stop button or seat belt can effectively reduce the accident rate by avoiding any emergencies in the use process. Secondly, function, there are single-function treadmill and multi-function running on the market at present. Compared with single-function, multi-function treadmill has push-ups, vibrators and other components, and fitness is more comprehensive. The treadmill is also equipped with heart rate and fat measurement; MP3, plasma fans and so on, which can reasonably choose treadmill according to personal conditions. At present, there are many types of treadmills with different ages and different uses. At present, EX-900, which is about to be marketed, is the best in configuration and will be launched in the near future. Third, the motor, the quality of the motor directly affects the life of the treadmill, is also one of the most important parts of the whole machine. The performance of the motor is stable and it can run normally continuously, which is an important basis for identifying the quality of the machine. This aspect of performance is not only durable, but also stable, especially when we need regular continuous use, the motor requirements are very high. Whether the motor is guaranteed or not is also very important. We can refer to the European 100-year brand BH for one year and the motor for five years, which greatly protects the rights and interests of consumers. And the Ecdot brand treadmill motor warranty for six years, after-sales service is very good. Third, brand, brand choice is also very important, brand treadmill in terms of quality is guaranteed, Ekdo treadmill is endorsed by the famous star Zong Yanfeng. Quality is absolutely guaranteed, and after-sales service is also very good.