Be careful! Never buy bulk food in five categories

Time:2012-08-31 03:25:11

Bulk rice, nuts and frozen fish balls all hide potential health hazards. Bulk food is sold in supermarkets and vegetable markets, and people buy it in an endless stream. But recently, the United States "Cooking Light" magazine article pointed out that from the perspective of health safety and food nutrition, there are five categories of food is best not to buy bulk. In response, Professor Wang Donglan, Department of Nutrition Research, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, said that it was difficult for people to know the exact date of bulk food production, as well as the time when it was transported and placed on shelves, so as to bring health problems to themselves, we must be careful. Especially for food that should not be kept for too long, more attention should be paid to it. Cereals. Bulk grain is easy to breed pathogens, and the loss of nutrients is also large. Because cereals contain water, relatively humid environments can cause germs to grow. Among them, aflatoxin, a carcinogen, is the most harmful to human body. Brown rice is the last grain to buy in bulk. Although it is rich in nutrition, its shelf life is very short, usually only half a year. Especially, Vitamin A and Vitamin C will be completely oxidized when they are put in air for about 3 months, and their health-care effects will be lost. Edible oil. Bulk edible oils mostly have no packaging label, no factory name, factory site, no production date, shelf life, no quality standards of "three no" products, there are serious health risks, do not buy. Especially when buying a large amount of edible oil at one time, it is even worse. This is because, for one thing, open oil is usually stored in the kitchen, high temperature, high humidity, easy to grow bacteria; for another, oil in oil is very easy to oxidize and rancid, which increases the risk of carcinogenesis. Therefore, Wang Donglan suggested that edible oil should be bought in small packages and eaten within three months after opening. At the same time, we need to remind you. The preservation time of edible oil is also related to the type of oil. For example, olive oil can only be preserved for 6 months, and peanut oil can only be preserved for 3 months after opening. Nut. Nuts are easily spoiled because of their high fat content. Bulk nuts contact with air directly, not only will accelerate their deterioration, but also contain mineral nutrients, such as calcium, zinc and iron, which are more easily lost. Therefore, the shelf life of bulk nuts is usually only one or two months. Buying nuts is best done in small packages that can be eaten in a short time. Frozen food. Don't assume that frozen food can be kept for a long time without scruple. Its shelf life is actually only one or two months. It is not easy to judge how long frozen foods in supermarket freezers take to transport and store. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, don't let quick-frozen dumplings, frozen meat and so on occupy the freezer room. It's better to buy frozen food now and eat it now. Condiments. Whether in bulk, cumin or bottled pepper sauce, the taste will generally fade in about half a year, the ability to season will weaken, and it is easy to breed bacteria, which is very harmful to health. Condiments must be bought sparingly and precisely. It is better not to buy in bulk or in large bottles. A kind of