Running Machine Daily Maintenance Notes

Time:2014-04-19 12:00:00

The treadmill is the favorite of the gym. It is easy to learn and suitable for all ages. It has good effects on human muscles, bones and improving the function of heart and blood vessels. Of course, running mechanism has become the most frequently used fitness equipment in the gym, so how to do a good job of maintenance in daily use and prolong its service life? Clean regularly to remove dust to protect the cleaning of components. Be sure to clean the exposed parts on both sides of the running belt to reduce the accumulation of debris under the running belt. Make sure the shoes are clean and avoid wearing the running board and belt under the running belt. Use soap and cleaning cloth to clean the running belt. Do not use detergent. After each use of the treadmill, wipe the sweat off the handle and running belt. Use of lubricating oil Anti-static lubricating oil has been coated before leaving the factory between running plate and running belt. It is recommended that ordinary users apply lubricating oil once between running belt and running board after running the machine for 100 hours. In order to make the treadmill work better, it is necessary to adjust the running belt to the best condition. Because we often run with inconsistent strength of the left and right feet, sometimes the running belt will deviate. If the running belt is biased to the right, rotate the adjustment bolt on the right side 1/2 times clockwise, and then rotate the adjustment bolt on the left side 1/2 times counterclockwise. If the belt leans to the left, vice versa.