Running design and equipment material of treadmill

Time:2012-08-31 03:25:11

In addition to the quality of the treadmill motor, the next most important thing is the treadmill running design, which is part of the foot of people, the quality of the material directly affects the fitness experience. Your requirements for running belts are mainly low noise and high smoothness, not easy to break. In addition, users need the treadmill to have a shock-absorbed double-deck running belt, so that running can be comfortable. Icon's unique belt pre-lubrication technology is to pre-infiltrate the lubricant into the belt, thus eliminating the need to add lubricants in daily maintenance, and saving a lot of money. The technology can run up to 25,000 miles to keep the belt smooth and clean, and will not be contaminated with dust. This lubricant is a special compound that is mixed and synthesized under high pressure. In addition, the size of the treadmill running area varies, depending on whether the machine is geared to fast walkers, joggers or fast runners. Generally, the running bandwidth ranges from 39 cm to 56 cm, while the length ranges from 105 cm to 153 cm. In most cases, you want to stay away from the 39cm running belt. Such belts are extremely narrow and provide little room for movement. If you walk fast, 43 cm wide running belt is enough, but 45 cm-48 cm is a better choice. If you want to jog or run fast, you absolutely need more than 50 cm running belt. Of course, for household appliances, there are also manufacturers that offer running belts as wide as commercial treadmills. Hanhan Sports and Fitness Consultant recommends the following length of treadmill belt as a guide when you buy: Walking 122 cm-140 cm is absolutely enough, depending on your height. If you plan to go jogging, we recommend at least 140 cm in length. If you are tall (more than 180 cm) or like to run fast or stride, you should choose a treadmill with a belt area length of at least 147 cm. Many runner manufacturers do not necessarily measure belt length accurately, because sometimes part of the belt is covered under plastic strips, so the key is to see how large the real running area is.