The audio-visual system of treadmill

Time:2012-08-31 03:25:11

The audiovisual system of treadmill is mainly to facilitate customers to observe the operation of treadmill and entertainment design in the process of fitness. It's mainly the treadmill display panel. The treadmill display panel mainly includes LCD (liquid crystal display) or LED (light emitting diode). Displays come in all shapes and sizes. Many low-cost treadmill LCD screens are not backlit display screens, so in low light environment, the above values are difficult to read by users. LCD LCD displays usually have only one window, displaying multiple readings, while many LED displays have multiple windows. Of course, some high-end commercial treadmills will also use LED to display reading. A slightly higher level of display screen is the use of blue and green backlight technology, in a larger window can display a lot of parameters, typefaces generally use black or white, light intensity, reading is also easier, more appear to have grade. In addition, on high-end commercial and light commercial treadmills, some manufacturers will combine color touch screen technology with treadmills. Users can control treadmills or watch TV movies through color screen. For example, on high-end treadmills in Icon, treadmill panels are embedded with a full-color display of Google Android browser. They are like tablets, you can access the Internet through the wireless network to help you exercise, but also allow you to fully enjoy Icon's proprietary Google Street View technology - IFIT LIVE. Therefore, different grades of treadmills generally use different display screens, according to the order from low to high: LCDLED blue backlight screen green backlight screen color touch screen