Notes for beginners to use treadmill

Time:2012-09-18 05:21:14

Now treadmills have pre-programmed exercise programs. When you run, you just need to input data according to the prompt to choose different exercise modes, such as "fat-reducing mode", "heart and lung function mode", "mountain climbing mode", "random mode" and so on. Among them, the fast start mode can adjust the intensity of exercise at any time. Pay attention to body position: to stand in the middle of the running belt, too close to the front easy to step on the seat, too close to the back easy to be thrown out, of course, do not run off. Start with walking: It is recommended to start with a 4-6 km/h walking speed and gradually transition to running. In addition, fast walking can make more use of fat to provide energy, and the effect of reducing fat is relatively better. Stop slowly: Although you try to move forward, your body is still in place, which confuses the brain, so you may feel dizzy just after you get off the treadmill. Gradually slowing down will not happen. Notes on treadmill: Different speeds are suitable for different groups. 1. If you just want to walk slowly, it is recommended to use the speed of 4 km/h to 6 km/h. Slow walking is generally more suitable for relaxation exercises after exercise, or for pregnant women. The speed of 2.6 km/h to 8 km/h is suitable for fast walkers. This speed is most suitable for those who don't like running, or lazy people who just want to sweat but don't get too tired. Moreover, this speed is more suitable for jogging for people with poor exercise ability, and has a better effect on the improvement of vital capacity. The speed of more than 3.8 kilometers per hour is more suitable for regular exercise groups. For people in urgent need of reducing fat, it is better to achieve this speed when doing aerobic running exercises. It should be noted that if the physical condition is not suitable for people with high intensity exercise, do not choose to run fast, please exercise at the advice of the doctor or the coach.