Adhere to running fitness, good health effect

Time:2013-03-20 08:40:36

Running is one of the simplest and easiest sports. It doesn't need any equipment and has no special requirements for the venue. It can be done around your home. But running has a significant effect on building a beautiful figure, such as weight loss and fitness. "Too hard" and "too reluctant for me to exercise inadequately" are wrong to jump to conclusions like this. "If you run at your own pace, you won't have to work so hard. Even if you don't have confidence in your strength, you'll have no problem starting with a walk." Sports coach Kenji Sakai explained. It is particularly important to take the first step. As long as you experience this kind of happiness once, you will be unable to stop. Give constant praise to the persistent oneself, the effect is also natural to see. In order to avoid fishing for three days and netting for two days, let's first understand the reasons why you will give up halfway. When is the best time to run? When is the best time to run for yourself? People who like to run in the morning can go to work before they go to the company, while those who prefer to run at night can go home. More important than choosing when to run is "neither exercising on an empty stomach nor on a full stomach". If you have an empty stomach, you will lose your strength; if you have a full stomach, you will have a concentrated digestive tract in your blood, and vigorous exercise will be harmful to your health. The best time to run is 2 to 3 hours after meals. At running on an empty stomach such as in the morning, it's better to drink some sports drinks to help digest and replenish energy or eat a banana about 30 minutes in advance. How long is the best time to run? As long as your body condition and physical strength can adapt to it, it's no problem how long you run. But it's a bit wasteful to change clothes and get ready if you only run for five minutes. If the goal is lower, you can set it for 20 minutes. Twenty minutes does not make it difficult to stick to, and this time can also give the body a metabolic shift, breathing smoothly and natural foot relaxation. If you want to run a little longer, you should gradually extend it to 30 minutes, 40 minutes. If you can run for an hour, you're a great professional! Can you walk when you feel hard? Of course, it's okay to walk for a while, but repetition like "run-walk-run" can cause unnecessary fatigue. Just as a car needs more power when it accelerates from scratch, the acceleration process of "walking-running" at the beginning of a run requires a greater force in an instant. Therefore, returning to the origin of fatigue will lead to the accumulation of metabolic substances, and more likely to feel fatigue. "Running at a relatively stable speed can reduce the burden and last longer."