Love more, give you more love

Time:2012-10-19 11:05:23

I'm an old customer of Aikodo treadmill. I have worked with Aikodo for many years. They are not only business partners, but also mutual trust and care between friends. My first contact with Ai Keduo did not give me much curiosity. I felt that she was no different from other treadmills of the same grade. However, later, I slowly found that no matter people or things, there must be a process of understanding. As time goes by, people will see the "new" of Ai Keduo.

This "new" is reflected in:

First, the style is novel. The products of Acodor are constantly updated and upgraded, and the product atlas are beautiful.

2. Price concessions. The price of Aicodo products has always been in an advantageous position in the same competitive field.

3. Five-star quality. Famous celebrity endorsement, unique silica gel, airbag shock absorber, Ecdot treadmill hoist motor using Taiwan's well-known brand - Jester; Running belt using Taiwan's "Terry Sail", easy to install, only a few screws can complete the installation of the treadmill.

IV. Serve with heart and soul. Every member of ICODO can serve every consumer intimately, so that you can rest assured and enjoy its success! Love you more, love you more!

As we all know, in June, July and August, when the treadmill sales are off-season, everyone's business is not doing very well, but as always, Lv always calls to greet, "how's business going recently", "how's it going", "get together when you have time" and so on, no matter in the off-season or in the peak season. It makes people feel very kind, even if there is something unsatisfactory in business, it is not so upset, because there are friends around you who care about you. We call each other to talk, not to talk about business, to talk about experience and life together, to be friends. Every New Year's Day, Icodo will have a special person to call the delivery information to send their greetings to the mailbox, two years later, that is, such persistence and love touched me, I think this is a charming brand, this is a company full of love. I began to pay attention to this treadmill, they also sent me sample albums and price lists; at first, I just tried several models, from pre-sale to in-sale to after-sale, a series of processes have made me very satisfied, the stability of the motor is very strong, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year, the motor is guaranteed for six years, and there is little after-sale service. I think Ecdot is a trustworthy brand. Also began a large number of cooperative orders, the friendly and cooperative relationship between the two sides has continued to this day! __________

Good things, of course, should be shared with you. Every member of the company on the Icdo treadmill is personally practicing the definition of "love you more", and they are doing more for you than that. Last year, I went to a company, either on a special inspection or on a business trip through Yongkang, Zhejiang Province. When I thought of General Lu, I ran away without saying hello. Once in the company, the office staff enthusiastically served tea and water. Although the office was small, it was clean and tidy. There were employees in the prototype room of the treadmill introducing products to customers in detail and patience. When Mr. Lu came, we had a long talk and a meal together, which made my dull business trip a warm feeling.

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