How to run to get out of health? Keep six tips in mind!

Time:2014-06-04 12:00:00

Running may seem simple, but there are many tricks. If you want to run to achieve good fitness results, you must follow the correct running method, otherwise, it may be a waste of exercise time and energy, but let your running has no effect at all. So, how to run correctly? What's the right way to run? Let's tell you today, whether it's running to lose weight, build your body or something else, follow the following six running tips to make your running healthier and more effective. 1. The purpose of small stride in running is to reduce the strength of muscles in each step actively, and to extend the running time as much as possible. Many people put too much effort on their ankles in running, and local fatigue occurs before they run too far, which often makes people give up running. Small steps but balanced movements. 2. Running slowly. We all know that different running speeds stimulate different cardiovascular and cerebrovascular processes. Jogging stimulates the heart more mildly. Generally speaking, the number of basic pulse is different for each person. For some middle-aged and old people, the morning pulse is only five or sixty times per minute, while for some young and middle-aged people, the morning pulse is seven or eighty times per minute. Therefore, it is appropriate to control the initial healthy running intensity according to the number of pulse per minute multiplied by the number of pulse per minute from 1.4 to 1.8. 3. The most important point of long-distance running is that the human body can "actively" consume all the blood sugar in the current blood, while also consuming the excess heat accumulated in the human body. This "active" consumption is the best way to reduce blood lipids, blood sugar and relieve blood pressure. As far as weight loss is concerned, the more crucial thing is that the damage to health is almost zero. 4. It varies from person to person. Generally speaking, each person's physique and illness are different. Therefore, in running, we must combine with ourselves. 5. Attention to nutrition Many people think that running is a lot of exercise, we must add more nutrition. Many people take a lot of animal protein supplements. In fact, such supplements are wrong. In jogging, human consumption is mainly blood sugar, but there is little demand for protein. Therefore, carbohydrate supplements are recommended after running. "Healthy running" is a simple and easy exercise for all healthy people and patients, and its contribution to human beings is not single. So, you can walk for a period of time, then run for a period of time, so that repeated alternate walking is also a healthy running. The so-called healthy running, as its name implies, is mainly running, not walking. However, some people start exercising by walking for 10 minutes and then running for 5 minutes, alternately exercising, slowly shortening the walking time and increasing the running time until the transition to running for 30 minutes. If you can run healthy for 30 to 50 minutes at a stretch, your health can be said to be excellent. Four key points to be remembered in running are as follows: 1. Swinging the arm during running can keep the balance and coordination of the body, make the body swing more naturally and accord with the rhythm of human movement. Note that when swinging the arm, do not leak the hand in front and elbow in back, and naturally swing with the footsteps. Points 2. Keeping your head up and chest up and chest up helps improve your respiratory and circulatory system and establish a normal state of remembrance. Because in the process of running, the human body is constantly consuming energy and is prone to fatigue. If you can use your will to lift your back, it will be very helpful to improve the hunchback condition. Point 3: Ground buffering Many people run with their feet on the ground, and the sound of landing is louder. And the correct action is that the heel first touches the ground and then transits to the whole sole, which is a kind of protection for ankle and knee, to prevent periostitis. Points 4. Breathing while running is far-reaching and long-lasting. Nose suction and mouth breathing are commonly used. Nose suction and mouth breathing can be used for severe physical decline. When running, not only the correct posture, but also breathing, heart rate and other factors should be paid attention to. These are the main points to be paid attention to when running and fitness. If you master these skills, you can run easily. Health Reminder: Master the above six running tips, so that your running is not white running, blind running, random running. Many people want to lose weight and exercise, but running for a period of time has found no effect. This may be due to the incorrect running method. I hope the above six running tips can give you inspiration and even help you in practice.