Safety Notice: Hidden Safety Dangers in Side-less Handrail Running Machine

Time:2014-05-23 12:00:00

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to healthy lifestyle. The portable and easy-to-operate treadmill gradually enters ordinary people's families from the gym. In the supervision spot check, we found that there is a kind of treadmill with only front handles, no side handrails, and there are potential safety hazards. The BS EN 957-6-2010 standard implemented by the European Union in June 2011 and CNS 15562-6-2012 standard implemented by Taiwan in October 2012 have added provisions for treadmill side handrails. It is not allowed to have only front handles for treadmills, and two side handrails are required for users to support and emergency separation. National mandatory standard for treadmills GB 17498.6-2008 "Fixed Fitness Equipment Part 6: Special Safety Requirements and Test Methods Additional to the treadmill" stipulates that a front handle or two side handrails or a combination of both can be used. Therefore, the treadmills without side handrails also meet the requirements of domestic standards, but in actual use, there are blind areas of sports protection for such treadmills. When the user is at the back end of the treadmill surface and the distance between the body and the front handle is longer than the arm length, the front handle can not be grasped as support. When accidents occur, if there is no side arm to provide effective protection for users, safety accidents such as falls and injuries often occur. We suggest that consumers should purchase treadmills with front handles and side handrails, and visual measurement of the length of side handrails should be about 1/3 of the length of the running surface, pay attention to the end of the pipe should be protected by an end cover which is not easy to loosen, and the edges of each part of the equipment should be smooth transition. At home, the original only front-handled treadmill, consumers had better ask manufacturers to install side handrails. In the absence of side handrails, first look carefully at the instructions, learn how to use the emergency stop switch correctly; secondly, before starting the treadmill, adjust your body's position before and after, so that your hands can grasp the front handles more easily, and then start the movement. The treadmill manufactured by enterprises should fully consider the safety of consumers, which is higher than the current national standard. The treadmill manufactured by enterprises and gymnasiums should also ensure the safety of consumers'lives.