Full analysis of treadmill running training easier for intermittent training

Time:2014-04-10 12:00:00

For people who don't like outdoor running, treadmill is undoubtedly the best running partner. It can be used in many gyms. It not only designs the same track as outdoor running, provides effective training methods, but also can be used safely for most people. Like running in water and cycling, it is easier to do intermittent training on a treadmill than running outdoors. If the treadmill is your main cross-training option, strive for four intensive training sessions per week, and the short-term repetition is mainly to ensure that the heart rate increases. Running on a treadmill ensures that you have shorter intervals of rest. Try to get your heart rate to 85% of the maximum heart rate. The last few times are close to 95%. The better-equipped gym treadmill is equipped with rhythm sensing, which can help you better control your heart rate. Some common treadmill interval training programs are arranged as follows: 20 groups (1 minute 30 seconds strong, 30 seconds relaxation), 10 groups (2 minutes strong, 1 minute relaxation), 8 groups (3 minutes 30 seconds strong, 1 minute 30 seconds relaxation) and 5 groups (5 minutes 30 seconds strong, 2 minutes 30 seconds relaxation). Notes should be taken before training, at least 10 minutes warm-up exercise, and at least 5 minutes after training. Tidy up and relax. After one or two treadmill training sessions, you should be able to start intensive training, and after the initial training you should not have frequent pain. If you can use the treadmill easily without using your hands, you will get better training. For a runner, by keeping the equipment at a lower tilt angle, you can maintain a better body shape and achieve more adaptive training benefits. It's important to note that treadmills are famous for sweating a lot. After all, you train in a warm, windless gym. So, you may mistakenly think that you've done a lot of exercise, but in fact the intensity is not so intense.