Running Machine Slimming Plan Sharing

Time:2014-03-26 12:00:00

1. Before practicing treadmill at home, what preparatory activities should be done, how to control the amount and intensity of training? 2. The treadmill may feel dull when practicing, is there any way to make the exercise more active and rich? 3. What details should we pay attention to in the life of practicing treadmill at home and during the exercise? Coach's answer: 1. According to health. The specific situation of the body (such as weight: 80KG), I worked out the following primary training plan for him, we must practice step by step, long-term persistence will be effective. 2. Before practicing treadmill, the preparation is relatively simple, mainly do some leg muscle, joint preparation activities, such as side leg pressing, wrist movement, etc. 3. If you want to make the treadmill exercise more active and rich, you can put the treadmill in front of the TV, watch your favorite TV programs while practicing, or listen to your favorite music while practicing, but most of your attention must be on the treadmill and let your family cooperate. When practicing, you can often give yourself a loud encouragement. It can activate the atmosphere of practice very well. 4. Pay attention to other details: (1) Even if you are practicing treadmill at home, you should wear sports clothes and shoes to practice, not barefoot. (2) In the course of practice, it is best to supplement a certain amount of water every 15 minutes, but not too much. (3) Do not walk backwards on the treadmill. (4) The number of training should not exceed four times a week, and an hour after meals is preferable. (5) Training intensity should not be too strong, not necessarily to practice sweating, such effect is not necessarily good, friends with heart disease or hypertension should not use treadmills in large quantities of exercise, indoor air should be maintained unblocked, air conditioning should not be too low. (6) If you practice treadmill to reduce fat, you can cooperate with abdominal strength training during the exercise, such as sit-ups. (7) Exercise treadmill is not one or two days to see the effect of exercise, to cooperate with other outdoor aerobic exercise, in peacetime should pay attention to reducing the intake of high fat food, smoking friends should reduce the number of smoking during the exercise.