6 matters needing attention in treadmill Sports

Time:2014-03-21 12:00:00

1. Before boarding the treadmill, warm-up exercises should be done before boarding the treadmill. Otherwise, thigh and calf muscles can easily be injured. Pressing legs, squatting, stretching muscles, flexion and extension joints, etc. can increase the temperature of muscles and make them more soft. After getting on the treadmill, we should start with "dynamic" warm-up such as jogging and jogging, and gradually increase the amount of exercise. This process is usually suitable for 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, when getting off the treadmill, the speed should be slowed down gradually so as not to fall down because of dizziness. Secondly, the time and intensity of suitable exercise on treadmill should be determined according to the purpose of exercise. If it is for the purpose of losing weight, exercise time should not be too short or too long, 40 minutes is appropriate, otherwise it is easy to overdraw physical strength. Third, speed should not be set too fast to use the treadmill, first of all, to understand their own sports limit. If you can't keep up with your physical strength and set the speed quickly, you will fall easily. Fourth, we must tighten the back and abdomen muscles, also need to remind that running is aerobic exercise, the whole body will participate in it, if running with the chest arch back, or always holding the handle, not only can not get the effect of exercise, but also will increase the pressure of the lumbar spine, long time will cause lumbar muscle strain. Therefore, when exercising on the treadmill, we must tighten the abdomen, chest and back muscles. Fifth, when using treadmill, we should concentrate on distracting things like watching TV while running. Many newspaper friends like watching TV while running, which will distract your attention and injure you if you are not careful, especially those who are not familiar with treadmill operation and exercise intensity. If you feel bored, you can listen to some relaxing music while running. Research shows that music with a bright rhythm can effectively improve the effect of sports and increase the fun of sports.