How to choose a treadmill

Time:2013-10-10 12:00:00

1. The most important thing is the motor. If the heaviest person in your family weighs 200 kilograms or less, it's enough to choose a motor with a horsepower of 2.0 HP. 2.5HP or 3.0HP can be used if the weight is more than 200 kg. Another thing is to pay attention to whether the sound of the motor is very loud. A good motor rotates only with a buzz and no noise. This is very important. The noise level is directly related to the quality and use of the machine. 2. Functional selection. The general treadmill can display speed, distance, time, heart rate, heat, and also has several built-in programs, this does not matter, the difference is not big. But there are those with ascension and those without ascension, which can be done according to one's preferences. Whether or not it has music function, fan function, massage function, waist twisting function, sit-ups, dumbbells, push-ups and so on depends on personal preferences. 3. Choice of running edition. Now there are airbag and silica gel shock absorbers, as well as ordinary shock absorbers. It is suggested that a better shock absorber should be chosen, so that the impact force on ankle and knee is small, and it has a certain protective effect. Well-equipped shock absorbers also produce less noise, and then run comfortably. 4. Choice of running belt. This is not good or bad from the surface. Generally, the thickness is about the same, ranging from 0.8 mm to 1.0 mm. Choose the one that cleans well. 5. Folding function. This suggests choosing one with automatic slow-down. It's when you open the running board that you slowly fall down. Safety is important. 6. Pipe material. You can try to choose a more solid one. According to personal preferences. It doesn't matter much. 7. Display screen of electronic watch. Choose a liquid crystal one. That kind of pure display number has been eliminated. There's no need to pay for an antique. EXDO Aikodo Group Co., Ltd. is an international professional sports fitness equipment group, which integrates research, development, manufacture, marketing and brand operation of fitness equipment. It is engaged in the production of treadmills and household treadmills. It is a professional treadmill agent in China. It is the first choice manufacturer for treadmills to join in.