Warm up before running on a treadmill

Time:2013-10-03 12:00:00

Benefits of warm-up before running on a treadmill: Before you start your heart and muscles, you have to raise your body temperature, which is called warm-up. The most common way to warm up is to gently pull open the muscles, so that the blood supply is sufficient to avoid muscle stiffness or injury. Unfortunately, this technique doesn't help your heart, and aerobics needs to be done physically and mentally, so you have to be prepared. A good warm-up is gradual, in other words, walk first and then run. What is the most appropriate way to do it? Sports psychologists recommend waiting five to ten minutes for you to start sweating to show that your body is hot. Warm-up preparation before starting: A, wearing sportswear and sports shoes, long-haired women should be coiled; B, prepare a towel, a cup of warm water or sports drinks; C, conditioned people can adjust the music or sound; D, check whether the treadmill is placed smoothly, whether the treadmill is wet and slippery, whether the power is plugged in; E, suffering from diseases, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, hypertension, heart disease, etc. Do not use treadmill. In use, if you feel unwell, please stop using treadmill immediately. After communicating with your physician, you can use the treadmill. F. Opening windows and adjusting indoor fresh air G, eating starch food and water can increase the body's heat supply, make energy supply sufficient, improve the effect of exercise, and avoid fasting training. EXDO Aikodo Group Co., Ltd. is an international professional sports fitness equipment group, which integrates research, development, manufacture, marketing and brand operation of fitness equipment. It is engaged in the production of treadmills and household treadmills. It is a professional treadmill agent in China. It is the first choice manufacturer for treadmills to join in. >