Brand Selection Skills of Home Running Machines

Time:2013-08-19 10:43:59

Home treadmills with good quality have the following six points, beware of choosing mountain treadmills. 1. The size and length of running belt with treadmill not only provide us with comfortable running environment, but also reasonable design of size and length is the premise of safety. Generally, the area of running belt should be at least 120*45cm. If the effective area of running belt with treadmill is small, the exercise effect will be greatly reduced. 2. Jogging with gradient adjustment can consume more calories and improve the cardiopulmonary exercise effect. Therefore, we must choose a treadmill with multi-grade gradient adjustment function. 3. Speed is usually about 6 km/h in treadmill work for walking speed, running training, the general speed is about 9-11 Km/h, so choose a speed range of 1-12 Km/a treadmill can meet the needs of ordinary families, of course, if you are a sports master, another matter. 4. Functional treadmill function is also a determinant of price. A good treadmill must have the following functions: heart rate, calories, mileage, kilometers, display speed and so on. Generally, the better brand multi-functional treadmill now has the above functions, and the multi-functional family treadmill also adds massage, waist twisting, sit-ups and other functions. 5. Safety locks The safety of home treadmills is very important. At present, most of the treadmills sold in the market already have this function. First of all, the passive safety magnetic lock function is required, that is, once your body breaks away from the treadmill, it can stop the running belt quickly and automatically to prevent accidents. Secondly, the speed of the treadmill motor is stable, but also safe - a reference, motor speed requirements will not appear sudden slow phenomenon. 6. After-sales treadmill is the exercise tool we use every day. It is inevitable that some minor defects will appear over the years. At this time, after-sales service is particularly important. Some non-standard manufacturers simply ignore the problems when you encounter them. Therefore, it is important to choose powerful brands when purchasing. EXDO ACODO GROUP CO., LTD. is an international professional fitness equipment group, which integrates R&D, design, manufacture, marketing and brand operation of fitness equipment. It is engaged in the production of treadmills and household treadmills. It is a professional treadmill agent in China and the first choice manufacturer of treadmills.