Don't let go of these health signals.

Time:2013-07-04 07:42:50

Often people say, "If only the human body did not feel pain." In fact, "Being is reasonable". Every feeling is a feedback signal from the body. Next, let's look at how common health signals are emitted. First, pain, outside is a sick word, inside is a winter word. Winter must have something to do with winter and cold, and beside the word "sick", it means overcold. The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic explains this: "If the cold outweighs the heat, the bone aches and the flesh dies." It is the cold that outweighs the heat that causes bone pain and tight meat. This feeling can be described by the idiom "the cold wind bites the bone". Therefore, it can be understood as the feeling of physical discomfort caused by overcold. Usually, the main causes of pain are trauma, frostbite, cold and so on, mostly related to cold. 2. Pain is beside the sick word. Inside it is a jingzi, Jingzi and road. We can understand the word pain in this way. It is caused by blocked roads. So what is this road? We can understand it as meridians, as well as all related blood vessels, lymph and other channels. Like many girls have dysmenorrhea problems, mostly due to cold, leading to blockage of the meridians, blood flow is not smooth caused. The solution is to get the access through. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that "general pain is not painful, pain is not painful", that is the truth. Thirdly, itching in ancient Chinese characters "sheep" and "yang" are interlinked. In traditional Chinese medicine, Yang is closely related to human life. He who gains Yang lives, but he who loses it dies. What does Yang mean by the word "sick"? Yang Qi is sick and obstructed. Therefore, itching is actually a critical state of pain and health. Under what circumstances will the human body itch? Long wounds, people will itch, indicating that blood and gas in the wound access to a certain degree of hindrance, not smooth. When the human body changes from a warm current to countless warm currents, it will feel itchy. Others often itch on their back, so someone invented the tool of itching and scratching. What about this itch? In fact, the body's Yang is wet inside and outside. In the process of the top, because the meridians of the human body are not very smooth, therefore, there will be some resistance, so it will itch. Fourth, the left side of the acid word is a "unitary" and the right side is a "pu". You, in the Tiangan and Dizhi branches, the corresponding time is 17-19, which is the equivalent value of the kidney meridian. The word "hung" means "walking slowly". Therefore, in the human body, it can be basically understood as kidney deficiency. The most sour part of our body is the waist. In traditional Chinese medicine, the waist is the home of kidney. So, waist acid, in general, can be found because of kidney deficiency, our body metabolism is slow. Another condition is that our legs are easily sour after climbing mountains. In fact, this is also the result of the accumulation of lactic acid in the body's blood which is not easy to metabolize. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney is the main bone of the bone to produce marrow and hematopoiesis, so it is still related to kidney deficiency. Fifth, swelling is a word added beside the month of flesh. How to understand it? It mainly refers to the abnormal enlargement of muscle tissue. It is basically synonymous with swelling. Swelling is mainly manifested in appearance, while swelling is often invisible in appearance. There are many causes of swelling. External causes may be inflammation caused by trauma, or bundling causes bloodletting. In fact, most of them are due to the obstruction of pipelines, resulting in metabolic problems of the body. The work to be done is also to dredge channels and collaterals and solve siltation.