Seven Iron Laws of Men's Health and Fitness

Time:2013-06-24 03:49:26

1. Food discipline and fitness must be matched with diet in order to have the corresponding effect. Just after exercising, it is a "no-eating period" and the most taboo is eating. Because half an hour after exercise is the best time for your body to absorb energy. If you eat at this time, you will eat anything fat. The calories you just consumed will be replenished immediately. 2. Concentration is very important. Many people do not concentrate on the muscles they want to exercise or the movements they should do when they are doing exercises. Instead, they try to train the wrong muscles where they shouldn't. For example, to train the pectoral muscles, the result of distraction to train triceps, and eventually become small chest, but the arm is too large Popeye, look very funny. Only by concentrating on doing the right action, can we not cause sports injury because of the wrong posture, and the body-building can't hurt back, so we can't really draw a line. 3. Persistence, perseverance and fitness are important. As long as you don't slack off, you will surely blossom and bear fruit. If you're a regular gym worker, one and a half hours to two hours at a time, three or four times a week; if you're at home, half an hour to one hour a day, that's great. 4. The rhythm of breathing is the most important part of exercise. Usually you will hear two factions: one is any movement, breathing when approaching the heart, and breathing when leaving the heart. My personal experience is that any breathing method can be used, as long as I feel comfortable with my breath! ___________ 5. To calm down a lot of people when they exercise, because they have to do their best to breast-feed, so that they have a lot of facial expressions, which affect the muscles of the face, and then produce wrinkles on the face. Fitness people, must be calm, do exercise as far as possible to maintain "expressionless face", focusing on the body muscles to exercise, so that your face can survive the fate of accelerated aging. 6. Don't compare the weight-bearing ability or the number of movements, they can't be hard-supported. Many people practice fitness like magic. Always want to do a little more, quickly become immortal, which is quite dangerous. If you don't do your best, you can't bear any more weight. You need to add half a kilogram more, or you're too tired. You need to do more. The consequences of sports injuries caused by hard support are often unimaginable. It depends on the amount and number of times you feel comfortable. 7. Imagining an enemy is an art. People must have a living imaginary enemy to inspire them. Only in this way can they have the motive force for progress and a sense of achievement. This goal is best for the people around you, the people you think are in good shape and won't be too difficult to achieve, and the people you can see every day can be directly inspected, such as the sunny little brother in the office, or the line prince in the circle of friends. Don't go too far. Make Schwarzenegger an imaginary enemy, and you'll live in constant frustration. Wait until you defeat the imaginary enemy in the first stage and find a more difficult target.