What brand of treadmill is the best choice for household treadmills?

Time:2013-06-22 03:30:28

Now there are many kinds of treadmill brands on the market, good and bad are uneven. For many new people who have just touched the treadmill, it is indeed a problem. If the quality of the treadmill is not guaranteed, the after-sales problem will be more troublesome to solve. In addition, if you do not understand the market situation and your own needs, it is easy to buy a treadmill that is not suitable for you. First, according to their own needs, especially for the home treadmill, how to choose a home use is the key. If it is a large family, the home is more spacious and can choose a more comprehensive function, a larger treadmill, if the space at home is relatively small, then you can choose a smaller treadmill. Secondly, the safety performance, which is the most important issue to consider when buying a treadmill, because running is mainly about physical exercise. If you get injured in the process of exercise, it's not worth it. However, most of the treadmills sold on the market at present, such as the Ecdot brand treadmills, have already possessed such a safety function, and have made appropriate safety design in other details of the treadmill. As long as the purchase is genuine, then, whether it is the safety magnetic lock function or the stability of motor speed, it should be very reliable. Thirdly, the area of treadmill is very important for those who have just touched treadmill, because if the area of treadmill is wide, the safety performance will be higher. Whether it is comfort or safety, it is better to widen the area of treadmill as far as possible, at least not less than 1200*35mm. At present, the Ecdot treadmill is doing a good job in this respect, and it fully considers these problems from the user's point of view. Fourth, shock absorption effect, shock absorption effect is also a very important factor to consider a treadmill, many treadmills are very rigid, running effect is not very good, and through spring shock absorption, this problem is well solved.