How to Prevent Heatstroke by Continuous High Temperature in Summer

Time:2013-06-18 03:33:48

Summer continued high temperature, hot sun baked the whole country north and south, the Central Meteorological Station at 18:00 on the 17th issued this year's first high temperature blue warning. High temperatures dominated central China on July 17, with temperatures approaching 40 degrees Celsius in Chongqing, Henan and Hubei. Summer heat is very easy to cause heatstroke, especially when many friends exercise, we should pay special attention to it. Today, Xiaobian tells you how to prevent heatstroke. Heatstroke is a common emergency in summer. Strengthening prevention can greatly reduce the incidence of heatstroke. The prevention of heatstroke should pay attention to several points: 1. Ensure adequate sleep. Reasonable rest time should be arranged to ensure adequate sleep to maintain adequate physical fitness and achieve the goal of heat prevention. 2. Scientific and rational diet. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and animal protein and fat to supplement energy consumption. Don't go on a diet. 3. Do a good job of sunscreen measures. Outdoor activities should avoid direct sunlight on the head, avoid direct absorption of radiation heat by the skin, wear a good hat and loose clothes. 4. Drinking water reasonably. Drinking water should be increased from 3 to 6 liters per day, and 0.3% to 0.5% sodium chloride should be used. Avoid drinking a lot of water before and after meals and before and after heavy exercise. At the same time, we can prevent heatstroke through diet. There are many vegetables and fruits which have a good effect on relieving heatstroke. Because of its functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuresis and swelling, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, the market demand of Herba Hedyotis is increasing day by day, so the price of Herba Hedyotis has also risen from 6 or 7 yuan per kilogram to 15 yuan per kilogram. Summer is the season for cold drinks, but in fact, the cooler you eat, the easier you get heatstroke. Because the local temperature of the human body is low in a short time, the human body can not adapt to such a low temperature, the digestive system will be affected, and then affect the normal functioning of the various systems of the whole body. In hot summer, it is easy to cause heatstroke. In summer, we should supplement enough protein, fish, meat, eggs, milk and beans. In addition, we should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, watermelons, balsam peaches, black plums, cucumbers and mung beans, which can prevent heatstroke. Summer-proof fruit mungbean: It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, reducing blood pressure and calming mind. Mung bean soup is a commonly used antidote for heat-clearing. It can also relieve heat and nourish stomach if you eat mung bean soup regularly. Summer-proof fruit watermelon: sweet and cold. Watermelon can relieve heat stroke, fever, upset, thirst and other conditions. But people with cold stomach and diarrhea should not eat more. Summer-proof fruit cucumber: It contains vitamin A, C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients, and is especially rich in potassium. Summer-proof fruit towel gourd: towel gourd as soup, has the effect of relieving heat and heat, diuresis and swelling. Summer-proof fruit balsam pear: It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, clearing heart and eliminating heat, and reducing blood pressure. According to research, balsam pear contains a substance called "polypeptide-P" which is similar to insulin and has hypoglycemic effect. Summer-proof fruit papaya: contains protein, vitamin B, C, G and protease, lipase, etc. It has the effect of clearing heat, relieving heat, helping digestion, strengthening spleen and stomach. Summer-proof fruit strawberry: strawberry is not only delicious, but also medicinal value. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the function of removing fire, clearing heat, relieving fever and eliminating boredom. Summer-proof Fruit Soybean: Soybean can nourish Yin and remove inflammation, at the same time, it can supplement the protein consumed by high temperature.