How to Prevent Air Conditioning Disease in Summer Hot

Time:2013-06-15 02:50:53

Summer has come, the weather is getting hotter and hotter day by day, which makes people feel dizzy all day. How can we relieve the heat in the hot sun? Air conditioning is of course an indispensable electrical appliances in summer. Many people like to lower the temperature of air conditioning. Cool breeze, sudden drop in body temperature, feel more comfortable, but long time of cold air blowing, people who do not pay attention will accidentally catch headache and other diseases; especially when people enter the air conditioning room from the outdoor hot air temperature environment, resulting in a large temperature difference, for people with low immunity to cause physical discomfort. So we have to pay special attention in summer. "Air conditioning sickness" does not mean that they can not eat air conditioning, will make the body sick response, but refers to too long air conditioning to make the indoor air drier and drier. Long-term in this dry air, our eyes dry, dry lips, will also lose a lot of water; respiratory tract is easily stimulated, and sweating when the pore, capillary suddenly cold will shrink sharply, easy to catch cold, heatstroke. If you stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, the pore is in a shrinking state, and suddenly come to the stuffy room or outdoor, the pore can not be opened in time, it is also easy to get sick. Moreover, when we breathe, we inhale dry air and exhale almost saturated moisture. In this way, more water will be lost. In this case, over a long period of time, our nasal and tracheal mucosa will become dry. In serious cases, cracks will occur. Viruses such as colds will enter by virtue, causing people's physical function to decline. It is unavoidable to cause cold and cough. The tips to prevent air conditioning diseases in summer include: 1. Use air conditioning must pay attention to ventilation. It is recommended that you open windows regularly every day, close the air conditioning, let fresh air circulate, and clean the air conditioner every two weeks. 2. When going out from the air-conditioned environment, we should first move in a shady place for a moment, then move in the sun after the body adapts. If we are in the air-conditioned room for a long time, we should go outdoors and drink more boiled water to accelerate metabolism in the body. 3. Ginger has three main effects: sweating, relieving surface, warming stomach, relieving vomiting and detoxifying. If people in the air-conditioned environment can eat a few pieces of ginger or drink a bowl of brown sugar and ginger soup in time, it will help to dispel the cold and relieve the surface, and can effectively prevent and cure "air-conditioning disease".