The Four Big Blind Points of Office Fatness Work Stress is the Number One Cause

Time:2013-06-09 03:48:52

After working for several years, you gradually find yourself getting fatter and fatter. Being fat is a terrible thing. You can feel that you are fat, but you can't give up any bad habits. This article lists the blind spots of office fattening for you. I hope you have some warning. The first reason for office fattening: work pressure: depression, easy appetite, work pressure can be the number one culprit of office fattening. Competition in the workplace is fierce, and increased stress not only leads to endocrine disorders, but also leads to high adrenocortisol index, which increases people's appetite. Metabolism slows down, but the intake increases, the remaining calories of basic metabolism are more, so it is easy to form obesity. At the same time, sedentary people tend to relieve stress by unconscious eating and drinking, get rid of emotional distress, and constantly eating is naturally easy to grow fat. Overcoming key points: Workmen should correctly plan for stress relief. First, they should clarify the causes of stress, adjust their mental state in time, do not let the development of stress emotions go, learn to transfer and release pressure. They can try to achieve the goal of stress relief through appropriate rest, relaxation, sports, or chatting with friends, actively developing personal hobbies and other diversified ways. The second reason for office fattening is the lack of exercise time: people who do not like to sit and wait at work are not very active. Many people rely on the telephone or network to communicate with people, which further reduces the frequency of activities. When people stay in their seats for a long time, it is easy to accumulate fat, which leads to obesity and belly fat. At the same time, because the busy work makes the working people physically and mentally exhausted, so many people not only do not like to move at work, but also do not like to move after work. The habit of entering and leaving is to take the car instead of walking. They have to take the elevator upstairs and downstairs, so obesity will naturally find their door for a long time. Overcoming key points: Walk as much as possible when you can usually walk; walk into the building, do not take the elevator, climb upstairs to work every hour, take 10 minutes to do simple relaxation exercises, do not sit down immediately after lunch, you can take a walk inside and outside the office; spare time, exercise at least 30 minutes every day, run, walk, climb upstairs, do sit-ups, ride. Bicycle and other sports are good choices. Three reasons for office fattening: irregular diet: too much daytime accommodation and too much lunch at night time and conditions are limited, most people are casual accommodation to deal with things, taste or nutrition do not require too much. Rough diet tends to be monotonous or greasy, and the nutritional structure is unreasonable, which buries great hidden dangers for growing fat. And at night, when they go home, they eat abundantly, and many office workers get more entertainment at night, eat abundantly, and overeat easily, which causes excess calories to be stored easily and form obesity. Overcoming key points: Whether lunch or dinner, we should pay attention to maintaining a balanced nutritional intake. Meat, fish, vegetables and soybean products should be balanced. Even if lunch can only eat takeout boxes, we should be careful to choose the side dishes, less spicy, greasy, high sugar food; dinner can be appropriate to supplement some nutritious food, but do not eat too full, at the same time pay attention to 3 hours before bedtime should not eat. Four reasons for office fattening: serious lack of sleep: physiological clock disorders affect the secretion of "leptin" long-term sleep deficiency is another important cause of office fattening. Because sleep time is less, will lead to human physiological clock disorders, affecting the body's hormone - "leptin" secretion, and "leptin" is an important element to maintain weight. In addition, when people "lack of sleep", they tend to be lazy because of mental inertia, which is also prone to obesity. So it's easy for office workers who often stay up late and work overtime or sleep under pressure to gain weight. Overcoming Points: The best sleep time for adults is 7 to 8 hours, after 10 p.m. Workmen should reduce staying up late, improve sleep quality, increase deep sleep time and gradually restore hormone secretion to normal on the premise of adequate sleep.