Fitness 10,000-step treadmill running training

Time:2013-06-07 08:01:55

Running on treadmill is the simplest and most effective method in aerobic training. Training on treadmill varies from person to person. For example, for fatter people, running as little as possible at the beginning of training, should adopt the way of fast walking, because if you start running, the body does not have a process of adaptation, a long time, the whole body weight fully acts on the lower limbs, so it will cause damage to the lower limbs. In this way, instead of the effect of exercise, we should step by step, from walking to running, from quantity to quality. For the elderly, many years of practice has proved that "fitness walk" is a good way for the elderly to control weight, reduce fat and prolong life. Here, the specific fitness requirements are: 90 steps per minute, neither too slow nor too fast, the total number of steps reached 3000 to 5000 steps per time, 5000 to 1000 steps per day, 40 to 50 minutes per time, 80 to 100 minutes per day training. In addition, attention should be paid to the interval, after completing the exercise prescribed number of times, at least four hours of rest in the middle. In training, attention should also be paid to the movement requirements, such as raising the head, raising the chest, looking forward, coordinating the limbs, swinging the arms around naturally, slightly fast legs, driving the legs with the thighs, heels lagging behind first, rolling to the forefoot. For most people, if you want to lose weight on the treadmill, you must reach a certain intensity and time. Besides, you must do some preparatory exercises before training, especially stretching exercises, so that you are not easily injured in sports. In addition, it should be noted that the heart rate must be well controlled, not to make the heart rate too high, after running the prescribed time, do not stop immediately, and then slow walking for 5 to 6 minutes to adjust. In order to avoid unnecessary injuries, the use of treadmills should pay attention to a few points: first, when beginners use treadmills, the speed should not be set too fast, so as to avoid runaway soles. Before going on the treadmill, warm-up exercises should be done and waist, knee, ankle and other parts should be fully exercised. The transition from start to normal pace should be gradual, 30 to 50 minutes at a time is appropriate. When you get off the treadmill, you must wait for the table to stop completely in order to avoid accidents. Secondly, the running posture should be correct, the body should be upright and look straight ahead. Running is not suitable to chat with others for a long time. If you are distracted, you may get sprain from deviating from the conveyor belt. This is a whole-body exercise. It is good for your health and has a good weight loss effect, but you must persevere.