Four kinds of drinks and vegetables are the most harmful to the liver

Time:2013-06-16 03:49:16

In addition to the usual exercise through some fitness exercises, the daily diet industry is an important factor in maintaining health. Many people inevitably drink some alcohol at ordinary times. Here are some foods that are not suitable for making wine and vegetables. The following kinds of food should not be used as wine and vegetable: 1. Carrots can produce toxic substances and endanger health because of their carotene and alcohol under the action of liver enzymes. 2. Cold powder has the function of slowing down gastrointestinal peristalsis because it needs to add proper amount of alum in the process of processing. Aluminum with cold powder can prolong the residence time of alcohol in gastrointestinal tract, thus increasing the absorption of alcohol by human body. At the same time, it also increases the stimulation of alcohol to gastrointestinal tract, slows down the blood flow speed, prolongs the residence time of alcohol in blood, promotes intoxication and endangers health. Kang. 3. Because fumigated food contains more nitrosamines and pigments and reacts with alcohol, it not only injures the liver, but also damages the oral, esophageal and gastrointestinal mucosa, and also induces cancer. 4. In barbecue summer, many people like to go to big stall parties with friends and relatives, and eat kebabs while drinking, which is very pleasant. However, using barbecued food to make wine and vegetables while drinking is unhealthy. During the barbecue process, not only the utilization of protein in food is reduced, but also the carcinogen benzopyrene is produced. Moreover, the genetic mutations produced by the thermal decomposition of nucleic acids in meat may also lead to cancer. When the blood lead content increases due to excessive drinking, the above substances in barbecued food can bind to it and easily induce digestive tract tumors. In addition, because of the large amount of alcohol consumption in summer, the risk of inducing this disease is often higher. First, alcohol is an organic solvent, which can dilate the digestive tract blood vessels and dissolve mucin on the surface of the digestive tract mucosa, making carcinogens easily absorbed by the human body. The second reason is that alcohol can reduce the detoxification function of the liver and promote carcinogens. Third, alcohol can also inhibit the body's immune function and enhance the activation of carcinogens. Therefore, it is best to drink in moderation. The carcinogenicity of barbecued food is related to the amount of food consumed. It is suggested that the carcinogenicity of barbecued food should not exceed twice a week, no more than 100 grams each time. The right way to serve wine and vegetables 1. When cooking, sugar should be put in: alcohol is the main component of wine, which can be discharged into the body after decomposition and transformation of the liver, which will increase the burden of the liver. Therefore, when making wine and vegetables, we should choose several liver-protecting foods appropriately. Sugar has a protective effect on the liver. It is better to have one or two beets in the dishes, such as sweet and sour fish, sugar lotus root slices, sugar fried peanuts and rice. 2. Make a few protein-rich dishes: Drinks into the intestine, will affect the metabolism of the human body, prone to protein deficiency. Therefore, there should be protein-rich food in the dishes, such as pine eggs, homemade tofu, stewed chicken, roast spareribs and so on. 3. Prepare several alkaline foods: chicken, duck, fish and other acidic foods. In order to maintain the body's acid-base balance, there should be alkaline foods in wine and vegetables, such as fried bean sprouts, spinach, apples, oranges and other fruits and vegetables. 4. Vinegar is indispensable for serving wine and vegetables. Vinegar can react with ethanol in wine to produce ethyl acetate with antialcoholic effect. Therefore, vinegar should also be added to the dishes to reduce the harm of alcohol to human body.