Small warmth in the workshop

Time:2012-10-19 11:05:23

I am a distributor who sells sporting goods. Through telephone contact, I read the sample book of the Icodo treadmill products, and found the pictures more exquisite and attractive. Furthermore, I compared the price list with other manufacturers, and found that our company's preferential policies and support were still very strong. So I decided to go to the manufacturers to inspect and see if it was nihility. The real thing is the real thing. Business is not about playing at home. You can't just think about it. So I went to Zhejiang myself.

No, I don't know. It's very informative. Although Icodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. is not as big as I imagined, it makes me feel that it is a potential company and worth my cooperation with them! What on earth attracted me from this company? In fact, it's just a small workshop of hers. From the first floor to the second floor, from assembly to finishing, each assembly line is strictly checked. The key is that it should have been a workshop with iron and oil, which hardly exists here! The workshop is clean and quiet, the goods are placed neatly, the process arrangement is reasonable, and each process is rigorous. In fact, these are not attractive places. The general company has such requirements. She touched me by giving me a few examples that I saw with my own eyes.

First, if the first process is finished, he will take the initiative to help people in other processes to do unfinished things, which improves efficiency, and more importantly, the feelings among employees will also increase.

Secondly, in the process of learning, the old employees are very patient to train, including the office clerks who are familiar with the products in the workshop. They have to complete the production tasks while hand-in-hand teaching or patiently explaining, without putting on the shelf of old qualifications.

Thirdly, workshop directors and warehouse managers also urge each other to inform each other of new orders, and they also work with employees.

Fourthly, when I went to work at noon, some employees would take the initiative to clean the workshop with a broom. Others did not stand there watching, but helped with a dustpan. I think that's why the workshop I saw was clean and tidy.

I found these tiny details that others might not care about at all. I am very lucky, really, I always pay attention to details, details determine success or failure, the workshop in Icodo gives me more feelings is - ----- warm! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So, in such a warm atmosphere, the quality of the treadmill is absolutely good! Suddenly, I thought of a sentence: not every treadmill is called Ai Keduo!

After looking at the workshop, I did not hesitate to sign the contract with Aikodo, and our cooperation has been maintained until now. Now, they also have the image spokespersons of famous movie stars. The business is getting better and better. I am also gratified that I have always trusted her!

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