Encouraging Exercise Enthusiasm and Developing Children's Good Physical Exercise Habits

Time:2013-06-07 04:33:43

Good constitution is the cost of study and work. Childhood is an important period of physical development in one's life. Active participation in sports has many benefits for physical development. According to a survey, compared with other children of the same age, children who often take part in physical exercise have an average height of more than 4 centimeters, a weight of more than 2 kilograms and a vital capacity of more than 200 milliliters. In addition, physical exercise is also conducive to improving children's ability to adapt to the environment, resist disease, and form a passionate, active and upward spiritual outlook. So, how should parents guide and train their children in this respect? 1. Parents with strict working and sleeping time should try their best to require their children to go to bed at the prescribed time every night, get up at the prescribed time in the morning and exercise at the prescribed time. Whether it's hot summer or bitter winter, whether it's holidays or summer holidays, it doesn't change the children's life rules, so as to form a good "biological clock" for their health. In this way, over time, exercise habits will gradually form. 2. Parents should set an example that children like to imitate the behavior of adults. If parents take the lead in exercise, especially in competition with children, it will arouse their interest and help them form habits. On the contrary, parents stay at home all the year round, or supervise their children like "foremen". Over a long period of time, the children will have rebellious mentality and regard physical exercise as a burden and punishment. 3. The younger the child is, the more likely he will be tired. Therefore, young children should not exercise too much intensity and time, but the content should be diverse. Running, jumping, throwing, gymnastics and games can be combined. If children are interested in activities and have a taste of sweetness, they will be helpful to develop the habit of exercising. 4. According to children's own quality, children should learn some special sports skills appropriately. They admire all kinds of sports stars, such as martial arts masters, football players, basketball superstars and boxing geeks. They are also eager to learn some special sports skills. Parents can create certain conditions for their children in this regard, so that they can achieve their wishes, which will greatly stimulate their children's enthusiasm for exercise. 5. Parents who provide necessary material support for their children's physical exercise can prepare physical exercise supplies for their children, such as sports clothes and pants, sports shoes and socks, badminton, football, rope skipping and so on, so that the children can see their parents'firm support for their physical exercise 6. Encourage them enthusiastically and actively maintain their children's exercise habits. For children in the exercise, due to their own efforts to achieve little results (such as being able to live on time, adhere to the implementation of exercise plans, will power has been enhanced, performance has been improved, or get good results in the competition), we should give affirmation and encouragement. Stimulate their enthusiasm and maintain their exercise habits.