Four "Walking" Phenomena on the treadmill

Time:2014-04-08 12:00:00

Running is one of the most basic sports and a very comprehensive exercise method. It can not only improve the cardiopulmonary function of the exercisers, but also have a good exercise effect on their muscles and bones. Nowadays, the treadmill has gradually become a time-saving and effective fitness "good partner" for the busy people, because it is not affected by the weather and road conditions, scientific training monitoring and other characteristics. However, there are also some errors in running on treadmill. The phenomenon of "walking" deserves our attention. Myth 1: Using a treadmill at home without wearing shoes "Many fitness people feel that using a treadmill at home can avoid wearing shoes, which is a very unwise behavior." Liang Yingming, a full-time fitness coach at Yinfeng Kangmei Fitness Business Club, said that barefoot running and the vibration of treadmill cause great damage to the leg joints. If the sole of the foot sweats, it is easier to slip. Although wearing a pair of thick socks can also play a certain shock absorption effect, after all, socks do not have the elasticity of the sole of sports shoes, can not replace the role of sports shoes. Coach Liang suggested that running shoes should be worn on the treadmill. They are lighter than ordinary shoes and have soft soles. They are suitable for running on the treadmill. If not, ordinary sneakers can be used, but choose lighter ones and not too thick soles. Myth 2: Do not do warm-up exercises in a sports suit, a sweat towel, stand up well and press the switch before you go on the treadmill. If you don't sweat, you will never stop. Do you also have this typical behavior when you run on the treadmill? Coach Liang stressed that warm-up exercises should be done before running on treadmill, otherwise it is easy to cause thigh and calf muscle strain. After getting on the treadmill, we should start with "dynamic" warming-up such as jogging and fast walking, and gradually increase the amount of exercise until the body sweats slightly before we start to enter the running state. In addition, when getting off the treadmill, the speed should be slowed down gradually so as not to fall down because of dizziness. Myth 3: Speed setting is too fast and the amount of exercise beam coach pointed out that the use of treadmills first need to understand their own sports limit. If you can't keep up with your physical strength and set the speed quickly, you will easily fall down. This is a common problem for beginners. "Some people like to stimulate, play some new tricks, such as walking backwards, dancing, etc., do not play similar movements, in order to avoid accidents." Coach Liang reminded us. In addition, the time and intensity of treadmill exercise depends on the purpose of the exercise. Jogging for more than half an hour consumes fat and protein for more than an hour. Therefore, if it is for the purpose of losing weight, exercise time should not be too short, nor too long, 40 minutes is appropriate, otherwise it is easy to overdraft, resulting in sports injury. Myth 4: Ignoring the importance of balance, many people like to chat with their friends when running, which will distract your attention and hurt you slightly, especially those who are not familiar with treadmill operation and exercise intensity. "When using a treadmill, look ahead with your eyes. Don't turn your head suddenly, let alone turn back. Otherwise, it's easy to cause unnecessary accidents in the imbalance of runners." Coach Liang said that if you feel bored, you can listen to some relaxed music while running. Music with bright rhythm can effectively improve the effect of sports and increase the fun of sports. The treadmill is a kind of fashionable sports equipment. The pressure on the joints during running is 3-6 times less than that on the ground. It has become the "favorite" of many white-collar fitness workers. However, only by avoiding the taboo of treadmill fitness, can we be more scientific and healthy.