How much do you know about alternative crawling fitness?

Time:2013-07-03 03:24:06

Recently, Zhou Hui, a woman in Chongqing, used the "crawling weight loss method" to exercise and lost 8 kilograms of fat in 10 days. Zhou Hui crawled on the ground with gloves for half an hour at 9 or 10 p.m. and then walked fast for another hour. He lost 8 Jin in just 10 days. Speaking of crawling as an alternative way of exercise, she said in an interview: "Although many people feel a little embarrassed, but for their own body, what is face?" According to reports, Zhou Hui followed the doctor's advice during a physical examination and decided to start exercising and losing weight. However, crawling exercise is not easy. Zhou Hui's neighbors want to imitate it, but they are too tired to stick to it. Zhou Hui's report of successful weight loss through crawling has aroused widespread concern about crawling fitness. There are so many ways of exercise and fitness. Why do we choose to crawl? Is crawling fitness science? Good or bad? Can everyone try crawling? Yang Jiaxiang, director of orthopaedics of Shengu Traditional Chinese Medicine, told reporters that crawling fitness is not a new thing, in fact, in ancient times, such as Huatuo's Wuqinxi. Some scientific studies believe that the lack of harmony between human and gravity in upright motion, which was neglected in the past, is the deep-seated cause of some serious diseases. The crawler returns to the most primitive posture, which is good for the body, but it seems easy to crawl and difficult to do. It is necessary to do it according to one's strength and not reluctantly. Crawling fitness has some scientific basis, Yang Jiaxiang said, people stand mainly by chest breathing, while crawling is a combination of chest breathing and abdominal breathing, and abdominal breathing can give full play to alveolar function, expand vital capacity. Therefore, crawling has many benefits for the body: first, the head and heart position is reduced, the whole body's blood circulation is smooth, which is conducive to the blood supply to the various organs of the body. Second, the viscera compresses the chest and anterior abdominal wall downward during exercise, which makes the respiratory muscles exercise and improves the function of the respiratory organs. The gas exchange in the lungs is sufficient, and the oxygen in the blood is increased, so that the metabolism is enhanced. Thirdly, in sports, the neck and back muscles which maintain the head weight are also exercised, which improves the posture and posture of the spine, reduces the burden of the lower limbs and pelvis, and disperses the body weight to the limbs, thus greatly reducing the burden of the lumbar spine. If we do crawling exercise for a certain period of time every day, it will have therapeutic effect on cardiovascular diseases and significant symptoms of vertebral and lumbar lesions, and can also exercise the peripheral nerves of limbs adequately. In addition, crawling is a horizontal movement, which is different from the well-known vertical movements such as walking, running and jumping. Under horizontal motion, gravity exerts the least pressure on the third lumbar spine, thus eliminating and reducing the side effects of gravity on the human body. It is a very good exercise that sedentary people can engage in for a long time. Crawling is easy to learn but difficult to adhere to. It is not suitable for everyone to crawl. It is one of the ancient fitness methods of human beings. Almost everyone must learn to crawl before learning to walk. Some scholars say that when a person is young, he does not have enough time to crawl, and when he is an adult, he should "mend the crawl". Crawling fitness is easy to learn, relax in a more open and comfortable place, bend your legs, put your hands and feet on the ground, lean forward slightly, and use your hands and feet to crawl on the ground. However, according to experienced people, crawling seems easy to do and difficult, not everyone can adhere to, according to their own physical condition. Yang Jiaxiang said that before crawling, it is better to move the limbs, especially elbow, wrist, knee, ankle and so on. When you start to crawl, your body is in a horizontal state, so that your body has a process of adaptation. In crawling, pay attention to the application of both hands, do not press the weight on the knee joint. During crawling, look up and around, so that the neck can also get movement, exercise time does not need to be too long, twice a week can be. In addition, we should pay attention to the choice of the site. It can be carried out on the grass and the floor. Before climbing, we should make preparations and wear necessary protective gear. When climbing, we can climb straight ahead, backward or in circles. The speed of climbing is gradually accelerated from slow to slow, and the time of climbing is gradually prolonged from short to long. Special attention: Five attention to crawling fitness, then, who is suitable for crawling fitness? What should we pay attention to in sports? Yang Jiaxiang said that people with low cardiopulmonary function, mental workers, insomnia, amnesia, constipation, muscle strain of cervical spine and lumbar spine and low immunity would benefit from proper crawling. However, crawling fitness must be scientific, not brutal exercise, especially for people with diseases, more attention should be paid to safety. 1. Get up in the morning and crawl to keep fit. After getting up, it's better to drink a glass of boiled water first. If you are anemic or in poor health, you can add some honey or sugar (except diabetes). After half an hour's rest, you can start exercising. It is advisable to exercise one hour after meals in the evening. 2. It is better for old people to practice crawling on carpet or grass. Knee pads and gloves should be worn when crawling on hard ground. Old people should not crawl too fast, not stand up immediately, from crawling to sitting, slowly stand up, so as not to suddenly stand up and cause brain instantaneous anoxia fainting. 3. We should pay attention to step by step, and gradually increase the amount of exercise according to the individual's physical endurance and physical condition. Generally, it is better to sweat slightly. Under the condition of physical permission, some other sports can be added. For beginners, especially those with spondylosis, do not take too long at a time. 4. If gangrene, infection or purulent diseases occur in the hands, feet and knees,