How to choose a suitable electric treadmill?

Time:2013-09-08 11:10:23

To choose a good treadmill, first of all, we need to know what the standard of a good treadmill is. Under the same conditions, the better the treadmill is, the better the effect is and the less the injury is. With wealth, what is missing? Without health, what else? In modern society, people are no longer worried about not being able to eat "three meals a day", but worry about the better they eat, the worse their health. For health, some people spend hundreds of thousands of yuan on environmental protection materials for interior decoration, tens of thousands of yuan on environmental protection furniture, tens of thousands of yuan on clothes for beauty, thousands of yuan on mobile phones and cosmetics for fashion (and updated every year), but how many people spend tens of thousands of yuan on fitness equipment? Speaking of treadmills, they all think that "can turn" and "can run" is the way to go. Spending thousands of yuan is expensive. Is it really all right if you can run? As we all know, jogging and long-distance running has certain preventive and therapeutic effects on weight loss, blood viscosity reduction, heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, etc. Long-term adherence to the effect is very obvious, but running is a "double-edged sword" can be fitness or injury. Choosing a treadmill should first consider this point. Sports experts, treadmill designers, in order to design a high-quality treadmill, need to study for a year or two, or even five or six years, a really good treadmill, in order to reduce sports injury, the selection of materials and design challenges. First, shock absorption function: when running, the impact force on knee joint and ankle joint is very large, generally 3-5 times of the human body. Shock absorbers are very important when running. Every treadmill manufacturer knows that shock absorption is very important, but the solution is not as simple as finding out the problem. At present, there are many kinds of shock absorption for treadmill, such as spring shock absorption, air cushion shock absorption, suspension shock absorption, fulcrum shock absorption, overall shock absorption, etc. Consumers are often confused by these things, let alone how to choose them, but generally none of them is real. It can minimize injury. In order to reduce sports injury, it is necessary to really bend and deform the foothold to reduce the impact force of body weight, which requires the elasticity and toughness of running board materials. The treadmill in the market is usually less than 5,000 yuan. It is difficult to solve this problem in terms of materials. Therefore, these cheap treadmills are simple treadmills. Consumers must be careful when choosing them. 2. Slow collision function: Many people run on treadmill for half an hour and find facing bone pain in their legs when they rest. What's the reason? The backward force of the running belt driven by the motor, and the impact force of your stride forward. You must be running a poor, simple treadmill. The treadmill is not a turning machine, not a conveyor belt for pulling coal, but a high-tech product. A high-quality treadmill, when the runner landed at the same time, there is a deceleration and acceleration process, in order to reduce the collision force of the running belt, thereby reducing the harm of sports to the human body. 3. Heart rate control function: the human body needs oxygen supply when running, so the heartbeat will accelerate, people's constitutions are different, and the heartbeat speed is different when running at the same speed. How to exercise under the best heartbeat? Only through the treadmill design function to achieve. First of all, it is necessary to measure the people in motion, input them into the treadmill and control the speed of the treadmill, so as to complete the scientific and harmless movement. Fourth, the field environment system: Science has proved that people often feel the pain and dullness of sports when they exercise, which will affect the effect of human movement. So the mood during exercise is very important. A good treadmill can make you run as relaxed as seaside, mountain and outdoor. In the face of the sea, we enjoy the scenery of the bay while running. Sports naturally becomes a pleasant thing, thus increasing the effect of sports. Fifth, boost rebound system: Kinematists warn us that the longer we stick to jogging, the better, because most people with physical problems can't run if they stick to it for a while. For this reason, treadmill design experts have developed a boost system, which allows you to run longer. Your physical strength can only run for 20 minutes on a general treadmill, and can run for 30 minutes on a treadmill with this function, thus increasing the effect of exercise. An electric treadmill with advanced technology in the world does not have many functions. Here it is no longer introduced one by one. Buy a treadmill or go to a specialty store, listen carefully to the guide and make a complete and systematic introduction, and then go to the treadmill to use the comparison personally before deciding to buy it. This article just reminds you not to think that you can buy an electric treadmill to exercise. A bad commodity may just make you feel uncomfortable. A cheap treadmill may hurt you for life.