Safety in the Use of Fitness Equipment

Time:2013-03-12 08:43:15

Recently, I have seen a lot of news reports about how to avoid unnecessary injuries in the process of using fitness equipment because of improper operation, especially when many children's limbs are clamped. Outdoor fitness equipment "sick" outdoor sports equipment generally after a long period of use, wear and tear, contact more people, it is easy to damage, Xiaobian found that many community fitness equipment are short of arms and legs, many parts have been damaged, can no longer be used, and many children are playing nearby, there is a certain risk. Therefore, parents and friends should pay special attention to, in addition to the public facilities, we should also protect, do not arbitrarily damage, the relevant departments have to timely repair and update sports equipment. In the process of using fitness equipment, many friends do not exercise according to the correct way of using fitness equipment. On the one hand, they are vulnerable to injury, on the other hand, they are easy to damage fitness equipment. For indoor fitness equipment, the safe use of treadmills is mentioned. For novices, it is easy to slip and injure if they are not properly used. Especially there are many domestic treadmill brand emergency stop device does not meet the standard, it is likely to lead to injury, more dangerous, according to the requirements of national standards, manual control of emergency stop device contacts should ensure direct disconnection. The user can easily touch the emergency stop device. When the switch is activated, the main power supply will be cut off if the software is not available, and the treadmill should be completely stopped. If the emergency stop device of the treadmill fails to meet the above requirements and the risk factor increases, once the user falls down on the treadmill and the running belt can not stop, it may cause serious physical injury to the runner. At present, some foreign brands of treadmills are doing well in the domestic market. For example, the quality and cost performance ratio of the American "Acordo" brand are relatively high. Before using the treadmill, we must pay attention to the following points: 1. Before exercising in any fitness club, we should have a physical test. If you have a history of illness or drug allergy, you need to have a doctor's certificate. Safety is always the first priority. 2. To wear suitable clothes, especially sports shoes, we must choose a pair of comfortable and fit sports shoes. 3. Before using the treadmill, check the stability of the treadmill and the dryness of the table. 4. Stand on both sides of the treadmill and clip the emergency brake clip onto the clothes before starting the exercise. When all is debugged and the treadmill starts to rotate, put your foot on the treadmill table. If you use it for the first time, you need to hold your hands on the handles on both sides. 5. When exercising, look ahead with your eyes. Don't turn your head suddenly, let alone turn back. Otherwise, you will lose your balance. 6. If you don't have a good sense of balance, don't hold heavy objects while running. 7. Don't run backwards on the treadmill or do dangerous things. 8. At the end of the training, let your heart rate drop below 120 beats per minute before you can press the stop button. 9. When you get off the treadmill, you must wait for the table to stop completely. Many accidents occur at the end of the exercise. 10. If you weigh more than 140 kilograms, don't "torture" the treadmill. The above method is relatively simple, but it is necessary for our safety and health, and I hope it will be helpful to all of you.