General Safety Requirements for Fitness Equipment

Time:2013-03-30 08:24:30

With the improvement of people's material living standard, people pay more and more attention to their health. Many people will adopt appropriate fitness exercise to improve their physical fitness. In the process of fitness exercise, the safety factor of fitness equipment and the safe use of fitness equipment are particularly important. The national standard of "General Safety Requirements for Fitness Equipment and Outdoor Fitness Equipment" was approved by experts in Beijing in April. This standard is a compulsory national standard and the first national standard for sports goods industry in China. The formulation of standards marks that the sporting goods industry in China, which is related to the fitness industry of hundreds of millions of people, has begun to embark on a smooth road of standardized production. Since 1996, the State General Administration of Sports has decided to use 60% of the public welfare funds of sports lottery tickets for the implementation of the national fitness program. One of the important measures is to subsidize the construction of the "national fitness project" with the "national fitness path" as the main supplementary project in urban and rural areas throughout the country. As of this year, the State General Administration of Sports has invested 350 million yuan and implemented seven batches nationwide. In recent years, with the further development of the national fitness campaign in China, the production and manufacturing of fitness equipment have developed rapidly. However, due to the lack of uniform quality standards and the inadequate market specifications, many enterprises have acted in their own way, copying each other, unreasonable product design, inadequate exercise effect, and some even counter-productive. In order to compete in price, some enterprises do not. Unfortunately, Jerry work, poor quality and so on, resulting in uneven product quality, quality-induced accidents occur from time to time. In addition, there will be a large number of domestic sports goods going abroad after China's entry into WTO. If we do not have a high standard of baseline up to now, we will lose the competitiveness of the international market. In this regard, the State General Administration of Sports and the whole society pay great attention to it. It has become an urgent task for China's fitness equipment manufacturing industry to work out the standard of fitness equipment with international level as soon as possible. In order to standardize the production, sale and installation of outdoor fitness equipment (fitness path) and ensure the fitness safety of the broad masses of the people, the project was approved by the National Standardization Management Committee and led by the State General Administration of Sports. The requirements were formulated jointly by some production enterprises and the National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. In view of the safety of use, the Requirements focus on product structure, static load capacity, stability, safety warning, equipment installation and site requirements, and safe service life. Experts agree that the content of the standard is comprehensive, scientific and reasonable, practical and operable. It has great guiding significance and current significance for standardizing the design, production, installation of outdoor fitness equipment and promoting the development of national fitness campaign in China, and has reached the international level. Experts and some enterprise representatives from the State General Administration of Sports, the National Standardization Management Committee, the China Light Industry Federation, the leadership of the China Standardization Association and the China Association of Cultural, Educational and Sporting Goods, the National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Beijing Sports Bureau, Tianjin Sports Bureau, Beijing Sports University, Shenyang Sports Institute and Beijing Institute of Sports Goods and Cultural Goods participated in the examination and approval. Meeting. It is expected that the national standard will be released and implemented in the second half of 2003. The formulation and implementation of this standard will better guide the R&D and production of fitness path product manufacturers in China, and thus play a great role in promoting the overall level of fitness path products.