8 Health Tips for Drinking Water to Exercise to Prevent Cold

Time:2013-06-29 03:37:21

1. Drinking warm water in moderation can help the body remove impurities and lighten the burden of kidneys. Usually it is recommended that the daily water consumption be estimated by weight (kg)x 30cc. In case of infection and inflammation, the water consumption should exceed 2000 cc. Moreover, the water consumption is skimpy, cold water can be used in summer, but warm water is best in winter. The way is to drink regularly and slowly, about 40 to 50 cc each time. 2. Exercise is the best kidney tonic drug exercise can stimulate the vitality of the kidney. Moderate and sustained exercise, such as Turner, Qigong, hand-shaking, Tai Chi, yoga, fast walking and so on, can especially keep the whole body Qi and blood unblocked. When you have time, you can practice stretching and punching. Your feet are firm and strong, and your hands are light. Taijiquan attaches great importance to foot strength training. The advantage is that it can stimulate Yongquan Point on the sole of the foot. This is the starting point of the kidney meridian. Kidney Qi will naturally flourish. Especially those who work with their brains and eat vegetarian food should develop exercise habits, because using their brains is very harmful to their kidneys. Vegetables and fruits are mostly cold and easy to reduce the metabolic rate in the body. Many people become quiet and do not want to move after eating vegetarians. They often feel tired and backache. Therefore, vegetarians must cooperate with sports to supplement Yang Qi in order to harmonize Yin and Yang and achieve the effect of strengthening the body. 3. Prevent the common cold and take care of the kidney disease. Repeated attacks of inflammation, such as upper respiratory and urinary tract infections, can cause bacteria to invade the kidney and deteriorate renal function. In addition to be careful not to hold back urine, if you are not careful with a cold, after taking medicine or resting for more than 10 days, you still need to pay attention to whether there is foam urine or tan urine. 4. Fixed work and rest as much as possible every day, even if fixed night shift, also better than regular mobilization. Fixed work and rest will make the physiological cycle become regular, emotions will become stable, the daily cycle will be stable, the monthly cycle will be stable. It is suggested that women should try to adjust their daily work and rest so as to fix the time of eating, sleeping and getting up. Boys do not have this warning system yet. So women should make good use of this welfare. 5. Peace of mind and emotional influence will affect the operation of the five zang-fu organs, among which "panic injures the kidney", panic, anxiety, fear and fright will have a negative impact on the kidney. Zhong Wenguan emphasized the self-cultivation of body and mind. He believed that he should train himself well and keep his mind and body stable. Even in temporary situations, such as the financial tsunami, he would not panic.