Workmen can keep fit by keeping a close eye on computers

Time:2013-03-29 08:33:50

1. Slowly nod forward: Put your jaw as close to your chest as possible, feel your back muscles stretch as far as possible, and then gently lift your head until your throat muscles tense. This set of movements is repeated five times. 2. Turn your head gently and forcefully to the right: keep your shoulders still. Look at a target behind you, hold it for 5 seconds and turn back. Turn left again and hold for 5 seconds. This set of movements is repeated five times. (Note: Don't rotate too fast to avoid damaging neck muscles or injuring neck muscles). 3. Arm Relaxation Movement: Cross your hands on your shoulders, gently move your elbows up and down, so that your arms rotate around your shoulder joints, 20 times in each group, three groups in a row. This can prevent the arm from being sore and numb caused by overwork. 4. Pull the knees apart and equal shoulder width. Sit the back straight on the chair, contract the abdominal muscles, and drive the shoulder to bend toward the waist. At this time, the back is circular. Pay attention to inhaling when abdominal muscles are tightened and exhaling when they are relaxed. This set is divided into three groups, five times each. 5. Leg relaxation exercises: put your back comfortably on the office chair, slowly straighten your knees and lift your calves. You will feel the muscle dissolution on both sides of your thighs. Fifteen times, you will feel relaxed. This set of movements can be done alternately on both legs. 6. Ballet exercises of feet: Put your legs together, sit well, keep your feet on the ground, and try to raise your heels, just like ballet, so that your feet move up and down elastically. There is no limit to the number of movements, as long as you feel comfortable. This exercise helps to speed up blood circulation in the feet and relieve leg muscle tension.