Running is a good prescription for depression

Time:2014-05-05 12:00:00

After using running to treat depressed patients, Professor and psychotherapist Grester of the University of Wisconsin concluded that running is a good prescription for many depressed people because it is neither expensive nor has side effects like other prescriptions. Why can running cure depression? One is that what the depressed lack is put back into their lives; the other is that running distracts their attention, and the runner notices new physical feelings, and discomfort caused by depression is ignored. Another theory holds that depression is caused by the lack of hormones secreted by tissues other than accessory renal medulla in the neurons of the brain. When running, the hormone increases, and after running, the secretion increases, so depression can be eliminated. If you use some techniques to make your mood happy, running can bring you the greatest physical and mental benefits. For example, run when you feel most natural in the day; choose a beautiful place to run; don't run for the purpose of running, just enjoy the relaxation and fun of running; take a few minutes to adjust your mood before running.