Ways to Lose Weight on treadmill and matters needing attention

Time:2014-03-27 12:00:00

Ways to lose weight on treadmill: Warm up: 10-15 minutes jogging-brisk walking-jogging into the preparatory stage of running state: 10 minutes to adapt the body to the running state, can adjust a little slope is conducive to thin leg acceleration running: 15-20 minutes to speed up breathing, stride, can enjoy the sweaty feeling of deceleration-brisk walking: 15 minutes to adjust the slope to stretch leg muscles children's shoes, Before and after running, you can stretch properly to avoid muscle soreness and muscle strain. Running on treadmill to lose weight: 1. Running on treadmill: warm-up exercise should be done before running on treadmill 2. Running time is too long: jogging for more than half an hour will consume fat, and more than an hour will consume protein 3. Running without shoes: barefoot running, the vibration of the treadmill will cause unnecessary injury to knees, ankles and other joints, it is better to wear jogging shoes, jogging shoes than ordinary shoes. Light, soft soles, suitable for treadmill use 4. Pay attention to body position: to stand in the middle of the belt, too close to the front easy to step on the seat, too close to the back easy to be thrown out, of course, do not run off. Did the children learn to wear shoes? Here's how to lose weight on treadmill. How much exercise do you take care of your safety?